(Cuatrista, composer y producer)


Venezuelan multi-instrumentalist musician, composer and producer, Latin Grammy winner in the category of The Best Instrumental Album 2018 due to his production “Identidad”, he is considered one of the most important and creative musicians of the new Venezuelan instrumental Music and one of the best cuatro players in the world.

In 2007 his prominent performance with the cuatro (Venezuelan National Instrument) resulted in him winning the first place in “La Siembra del Cuatro”, the most important award for the soloist cuatro players in Venezuela. His global perspective of music has given him the opportunity to merge the cuatro with many different music styles such as jazz, classical, Latin, Flamenco, hip-hop, Irish, Indian and African music among others. During his career he has participated as a producer and music director on different projects and has also dedicated time to the composition of music for documentaries and films.

In 2012 he recorded his first production as a soloist, called “La Siembra del Cuatro”. This album has 13 tracks, some of which were written by Siso, the others by famous Latin American composers. This record was noted and received a huge number of compliments due to Miguel’s musical style. It was nominated as The Best Instrumental Traditional Album on the “Pepsi Music Awards”, a competition which awards the best musical overture annually in Venezuela.

Miguel is also founder of “El Quinteto menos 1”, an acoustic ensemble which he created with his colleagues Lucas Sánchez, Rotnesth Medina and Gastón García. Playing with this group, Siso produced a new album called “La Casita del Castaño”. This production showcases a musical creation of traditional Venezuelan music mixed with Academic and Latin American music. Siso has been part of some of the most important instrumental bands in Venezuela such as: Saúl Vera Ensemble, Huáscar Barradas and C4 Trío, and he has shared stages, tours and recording with artist such as: Gustavo Dudamel, Oscar D’ León, Guaco, Lena Burke, Kíla, Rafael “El Pollo Brito”, Voz Veis, Ilan Chester, Jorge Luis Chacín, María Teresa Chacín, Alexis Cárdenas, Serenata Guayanesa, Pancho Amat, Edwin Colón Zayas, Óscar Stagnaro, Frank Quintero, Gerry Weil, Eddy Marcano, Luis Julio Toro, David Peña, Cheo Hurtado, Aquiles Báez, Ricardo Sandoval, Rafa Pino, Nené Quintero, Omar Acosta, Ensamble Gurrufío, El Cuarteto and  the  “Sistema Nacional de Orquestas Sinfónicas de Venezuela”.

In recent years, Miguel has travelled around the world with his cuatro, and his music has been played in EEUU, Canada, China, The United Arab Emirates, France, Spain, Belgium, Germany, Netherland, Turkey, Ireland, Qatar, India, Guatemala, Salvador, Bolivia, Uruguay, Cuba, Colombia, Ecuador, Guyana, Luxembourg, St. Lucia and Venezuela.

For “IDENTIDAD”, Album recorded in 2018, Miguel composed and produced eleven songs. On this album Miguel showed to the public for the first time a unique instrument called “El cuatro triple” which consists of a Cuatro with a triple neck created by the Luthier Alfonso Sandoval. This album includes two songs composed exclusively for this instrument. Miguel received many recognitions and awards by this album. “The Recording Academy” awarded him the Latin Grammy as Artist and Productor for the Best Instrumental Album. Miguel also got eight nominations with the music of this album on the “Pepsi Music Awards” winning four awards as Best Jazz Artist, Best World Music song with “Kerepakupai Vená”, Best Jazz video and Best Jazz song with “Tiempo de Cambio”. After that he was invited to the presidential house by the president of Ireland, the country where Miguel has lived since 2018.

“His compositions were the first thing that I listened to, he doesn’t have just the courage of the improvisation, also he has the knowledge of harmony and the tradition, the simplicity and the humility in front of the art and the music as well”Alexis Cárdenas, violinista.
“Miguel, a musician that stands out with his flawless performance; coherent ideas, justified virtuosity and especially his fantastic musicality. Bravo!”Luis Julio Toro, Flautista.